Finally, some cheering updates to lift spirits of football lovers and especially Arsenal fans. We are few weeks or literally days from seeing a game and sorry for those who would strongly prefer to be at the stadium live but for now we gotta ‘enjoy’ in whatever form the matches come now. 

We are getting to the peak of the speculation surrounding our captain Pierrre-Emerick Aubameyang, all too similar with how Robin Van Persie left us, after playing literally the only season he managed to stay fit after several injury-plagued years. We are all too familiar with this awkward feeling but in the case of Aubameyang, his exit would definitely hurt but we should be understanding and look forward as things are not as bleak as they seem with Arteta now getting to assert his style for the next few years as well as the thoughts of an exciting Gabriel Martinelli. 

Glad to see our players back training and new hair appearances, like Hector Bellerin we really missed the sight of them and its good again to recognise them as footballers after Covid 19. Plenty of talk regarding Partey transfer from Athletico Madrid and recently also of french midfielder Adiel Rabiot from Juventus. With plenty uncertainties and no guarantees regarding Dani Ceballos of course we need extra cover in midfield as Ceballos alone in my opinion provides creativity. Mezut Ozil seems a long way off, and we really need more supply from the midfield.  

Kieran Tierny ought to be back and fit, we really miss him at that left back position with all of his energy and vibes, Kolasinac is not on the same level, his levels are dropping surprisingly even with competition. Hoping to see more of Pablo Mari as well, just when he started to get games a big break comes in to disrupt his adaptation. He has given good impressions already, clearly calm, confident and composed all too similar to our former Thomas Vermaleen until his injury woes began. 

With the left back position now having its defenders, Bukayo Saka can go ahead to showcase his best moving forward so as to allow him more freedom to explore the pitch upfront and do what he is best at, finding plenty of spaces to assist team mates to score. 

Many more updates to come, until then UP GUNNERS !!!!!! 

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