My views on Mr Covid 19

Good day and Happy Sunday to everyone, awkward and strange how there seems to be no difference between the week and weekends anymore all due to Mr Covid-19. No work, no chill. Not the kind of life many would ever imagine and for the introverts who want their personal space, its gonna be crowded for now lol.

Seeing how people keep following this Covid 19 stats, everything else just seems to be in the background. Please let’s do well to know other things really do matter, the world has been been paused and I hope many would have a good time to really reflect and think deep. If you are trying to develop some ideas or business plan, this is a good time to add finesse to your strategies. Go far and wide, explore the depth of your thoughts and imaginations.

As far as I am concerned, Covid-19 excludes Africa. I would share this long perception I have had for a long time here and now. Lots of Africans I believe have some form of Cancer, but because if the healthcare systems those without ‘recognisable’ or symptoms that bother go on to live their normal lives and many more years. But for those who get to know, that knowledge does not transform to power and that psychology turns negative, which eventually leads to death. I understand the logic of early detection though,but trust me some problems only begin after the so-called ‘intervention’.

De-escalate from Covid-19 talk and news, more personal time especially for sanguines who are hperactive. Put this ‘rest period’ and be uniquely productive. Just in case you don’t know countries like Sweden are not on lockdown, and yet their rates are not high. Particular interest in the Republic of Belarus that even still continue sporting activities, the president calls this Covid-19 global situation ‘Mass Psychosis’. As I took a walk last week, I saw some writing on the wall which explained the word ‘Government’. ‘Govern’ means ‘control’, ‘ment’ means your mind. So clearly the Covid 19 is clearly controlling the mental state of many. The advice at the bottom of that explanation says ‘’Switch off your TV’’……lol.

I am a healthcare frontline worker in London, see why I should be very worried lol. People die daily and definitely every death now has the COVID-19 tag with it. Don’t dismiss all the conspiracy theories attached to this Covid-19, there is a plenty of hidden truth yet to be revealed and time surely will tell. If you are so bored and want something to take time in this period, only for this period I have got a tip which could serve as a ‘good addiction’ only for this time being and not more than for now – Download Football manager and forget all the shit happening around you.

Many more to come, enjoy the awkward weekend as much as you possibly can and let’s thank God for life

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