Hello everyone, it’s another good Friday to take our minds off COVID 19, at least for some positivity. We all miss the routine week and weekends now, there seems to be no difference at all lately. The weather is much better in London this week and surely that makes it much harder to remain indoors, we can only try to do so at the moment but some bit of fresh air outdoor is good for health and sanity.

Plenty of talk towards how we end the season especially with focus on league position as well as transfers. I do feel strongly its best we have at least a year outside of the European competitions, it would do us a great deal of good. From the lessons of last season, we did get to the finals of the Europa league, only to lose and also not qualify via our league position, all efforts were futile. ‘’When you lose, don’t lose the lesson’’. We don’t seem capable to maintain that level of strength on multiple fronts, lets make do with what we have and build from strength to strength.

Read all of the recent statements from our ex-captain Cesc Fabregas, hmmm it is really hard to stay neutral after hearing such information but it is best to let sleeping dogs lie and leave it where it is exactly, which is rightly in the past. The distinct part of it all was making it clear that only Samir Nasri and Robin Van Persie where on his level in both technical and mental levels, that was very deep and bold.

A lot of talk from now and till the transfer window is shut will be about Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, he is our captain, with an awesome goalscoring record and its all too reminiscent of Robin Van Persie’s last season at Arsenal, unfortunately he is also captain and best player clearly at the moment. Is this some sort of déjà vu all over again. If he leaves, he needs to be supported as it’s a personal decision with his age a crucial factor in consideration and he has given his best but as fans of course the choice of his next club really does matter to us at Arsenal. It’s a personal decision, it deserves every form of respect in all aspects.

Gabriel Martinelli’s stats have gone quiet for some time, but for an unknown who has got the attention of everyone so quickly, expectations of course now seem very high. It is good news that he wants to achieve with Arsenal, very encouraging knowing he is a very good prospect as we move forward as an an attacking team. I also really hope we do retain Dani Ceballos for the next few years, I hope Guendozi still continues to get opportunities to make a case and prove his importance as I would prefer Ceballos taking the place of Ozil rather than that of Torreira or Guendozi.

More to come, Have a lovely weekend though its without the usual weekend fun we all crave !!!!!

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