My views on Mr Covid 19

Good day and Happy Sunday to everyone, awkward and strange how there seems to be no difference between the week and weekends anymore all due to Mr Covid-19. No work, no chill. Not the kind of life many would ever imagine and for the introverts who want their personal space, its gonna be crowded for now lol.

Seeing how people keep following this Covid 19 stats, everything else just seems to be in the background. Please let’s do well to know other things really do matter, the world has been been paused and I hope many would have a good time to really reflect and think deep. If you are trying to develop some ideas or business plan, this is a good time to add finesse to your strategies. Go far and wide, explore the depth of your thoughts and imaginations.

As far as I am concerned, Covid-19 excludes Africa. I would share this long perception I have had for a long time here and now. Lots of Africans I believe have some form of Cancer, but because if the healthcare systems those without ‘recognisable’ or symptoms that bother go on to live their normal lives and many more years. But for those who get to know, that knowledge does not transform to power and that psychology turns negative, which eventually leads to death. I understand the logic of early detection though,but trust me some problems only begin after the so-called ‘intervention’.

De-escalate from Covid-19 talk and news, more personal time especially for sanguines who are hperactive. Put this ‘rest period’ and be uniquely productive. Just in case you don’t know countries like Sweden are not on lockdown, and yet their rates are not high. Particular interest in the Republic of Belarus that even still continue sporting activities, the president calls this Covid-19 global situation ‘Mass Psychosis’. As I took a walk last week, I saw some writing on the wall which explained the word ‘Government’. ‘Govern’ means ‘control’, ‘ment’ means your mind. So clearly the Covid 19 is clearly controlling the mental state of many. The advice at the bottom of that explanation says ‘’Switch off your TV’’……lol.

I am a healthcare frontline worker in London, see why I should be very worried lol. People die daily and definitely every death now has the COVID-19 tag with it. Don’t dismiss all the conspiracy theories attached to this Covid-19, there is a plenty of hidden truth yet to be revealed and time surely will tell. If you are so bored and want something to take time in this period, only for this period I have got a tip which could serve as a ‘good addiction’ only for this time being and not more than for now – Download Football manager and forget all the shit happening around you.

Many more to come, enjoy the awkward weekend as much as you possibly can and let’s thank God for life



Good day to you all Arsenal fans worldwide and now with the recent fallout from the Europa league which personally I see as a good reality check to control our expectations. As far as I am concerned, if Arsenal will not win the Europa league, the earlier we are out of the competition the better. In the 2018/2019 season, what happened is clearly that we failed to qualify for the champions league places from the league as well as losing the final of the Europa league. We lost on both sides, ‘’When you lose, don’t lose the lesson’’.

Our defence has done much better in comparison to previous games in the earlier parts of the season but Mustafi is not better than Sokratis, not at all. Mikel Arteta has given him a lifeline, good enough but we still have better options. I still rate Rob Holding and I can understand he is still affected by the knee problems of last season which is affecting his fitness but I am hoping today that a pairing of Holding and Mari would show us plenty of promise and much better alternatives.

Pablo Mari is big, strong and left footed and expectations are high. The last time we did have a left-footed central defender, it was Thomas Vermaelen who did really well defensively and also contributed with goals but injuries did limit his playing time as the years went by but overall he was very good.

Maitland-Niles seems withdrawn to the reserves, as we barely see him play but I am hoping for squad rotation tonight, and so he should get another run at the right back. Joe Willock has been inconsistent for some time now, but the manager has shown belief in him by always putting him to replace Mesut Ozil but truly I agree that he is more of a central midfielder able to move the ball box to box than an attacking midfielder. He is still young and developing, but with a lovely feet, quick turns and strong ability to shoot (his long-range shot goal against Liverpool was no fluke),  he could still develop into that attacking midfield role.

Very surprisingly too, we are seeing less of Torreira, and more of Granit Xhaka which seems quite risky as far as I am concerned. The midfield lacked creativity until Ceballos was brought in but Torreira  should have still kept his place in the starting line-up. As we are in the last lap of the season, matches like this show us the depth of the squad and it’s a good opportunity for fringe players to stake a claim, Gabriel Martinelli’s goals are missing lately so we expect something tonight. Let us hope for a good game and encouraging signs from the team tonight.


A very modest game which began very brightly on a cool evening at the Emirates stadium and of course with great excitement seeing Thomas Partey starting alongside Ceballos and Xhaka. Arsenal did well to control the game at the start along with a headed goal by Alexandre Lacazette which was unfortunately ruled out for offside with the error strongly due to an assumption that Aubameyang had the final contact with the ball which was not to be as the ball hit the bar to go in.

Very important to note that the linesman raised his flag for offside and there was no follow-up with a VAR check, the goal was unjustly cancelled.

The 2 centrebacks Luiz and Gabriel did quite well sending long range passes over the midfield and for the first half, Leno had little or nothing to do. Our midfield was quite fluid and compact but the organisation was very linear and horizontal and let me more specific with details. Xhaka played from the left, Ceballos from the right and Partey from the middle and Partey had more room to move forward in that structure and the attacking intent of Ceballos was strongly restricted just like in the game against man city – more like a right sided central midfielder.

Gabriel put in another strong showing at the central defence, Luiz as well until he was replaced by Mustafi who did have some fault in the only goal conceded as Jamie Vardy took advantage to score a diving header against the run of play. Also, important to mention the position of Leno was also questionable in the build up to that goal.

Both fullbacks did well going forward and seemed good defensively as well, Tierny with his burst of pace and energy put some good balls forward but there were not converted, Aubameyang and Lacazette guilty of missed chances. Bukayo Saka also had a good game on the left side until he also picked up an injury and had to be replaced. Partey had a good game which was very modest and quiet generally. Nketiah came on and barely had any chances of his own upfront. Aubameyang had a quiet game by all standards. Pepe came on as a substitute to play on the left wing, he seemed non-existent in the few mins he played.

It was the very first time we saw that midfield trio, but more attacking responsibility would be necessary from Ceballos to create more chances from midfield. He needs to be relieved from defensive duties, he still chases the ball but he needs to be on the ball more in the opponents side of the pitch to show his best qualities, same goes for Kieran Tierney who has been utilised as the central defender on the left side of a back three which restricts him from going forward. It is noteworthy to mention that the only time in the game when Tierney went forward in the last FA CUP final, in that moment he sent a perfect lofty pass to assist Aubameyang winning goal.

The season is still very early and we understand a lot of tactical twitching and grooming is taking place. As a team, there is a massive improvement and plenty of promise in a season still a long way ahead of us. It was a good game despite the result, credit to Lecesiter FC and the supersub scorer Jamie Vardy. See you next game

Best wishes,

Unique Gunner


Finally, some cheering updates to lift spirits of football lovers and especially Arsenal fans. We are few weeks or literally days from seeing a game and sorry for those who would strongly prefer to be at the stadium live but for now we gotta ‘enjoy’ in whatever form the matches come now. 

We are getting to the peak of the speculation surrounding our captain Pierrre-Emerick Aubameyang, all too similar with how Robin Van Persie left us, after playing literally the only season he managed to stay fit after several injury-plagued years. We are all too familiar with this awkward feeling but in the case of Aubameyang, his exit would definitely hurt but we should be understanding and look forward as things are not as bleak as they seem with Arteta now getting to assert his style for the next few years as well as the thoughts of an exciting Gabriel Martinelli. 

Glad to see our players back training and new hair appearances, like Hector Bellerin we really missed the sight of them and its good again to recognise them as footballers after Covid 19. Plenty of talk regarding Partey transfer from Athletico Madrid and recently also of french midfielder Adiel Rabiot from Juventus. With plenty uncertainties and no guarantees regarding Dani Ceballos of course we need extra cover in midfield as Ceballos alone in my opinion provides creativity. Mezut Ozil seems a long way off, and we really need more supply from the midfield.  

Kieran Tierny ought to be back and fit, we really miss him at that left back position with all of his energy and vibes, Kolasinac is not on the same level, his levels are dropping surprisingly even with competition. Hoping to see more of Pablo Mari as well, just when he started to get games a big break comes in to disrupt his adaptation. He has given good impressions already, clearly calm, confident and composed all too similar to our former Thomas Vermaleen until his injury woes began. 

With the left back position now having its defenders, Bukayo Saka can go ahead to showcase his best moving forward so as to allow him more freedom to explore the pitch upfront and do what he is best at, finding plenty of spaces to assist team mates to score. 

Many more updates to come, until then UP GUNNERS !!!!!! 


Hello everyone, it’s another good Friday to take our minds off COVID 19, at least for some positivity. We all miss the routine week and weekends now, there seems to be no difference at all lately. The weather is much better in London this week and surely that makes it much harder to remain indoors, we can only try to do so at the moment but some bit of fresh air outdoor is good for health and sanity.

Plenty of talk towards how we end the season especially with focus on league position as well as transfers. I do feel strongly its best we have at least a year outside of the European competitions, it would do us a great deal of good. From the lessons of last season, we did get to the finals of the Europa league, only to lose and also not qualify via our league position, all efforts were futile. ‘’When you lose, don’t lose the lesson’’. We don’t seem capable to maintain that level of strength on multiple fronts, lets make do with what we have and build from strength to strength.

Read all of the recent statements from our ex-captain Cesc Fabregas, hmmm it is really hard to stay neutral after hearing such information but it is best to let sleeping dogs lie and leave it where it is exactly, which is rightly in the past. The distinct part of it all was making it clear that only Samir Nasri and Robin Van Persie where on his level in both technical and mental levels, that was very deep and bold.

A lot of talk from now and till the transfer window is shut will be about Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, he is our captain, with an awesome goalscoring record and its all too reminiscent of Robin Van Persie’s last season at Arsenal, unfortunately he is also captain and best player clearly at the moment. Is this some sort of déjà vu all over again. If he leaves, he needs to be supported as it’s a personal decision with his age a crucial factor in consideration and he has given his best but as fans of course the choice of his next club really does matter to us at Arsenal. It’s a personal decision, it deserves every form of respect in all aspects.

Gabriel Martinelli’s stats have gone quiet for some time, but for an unknown who has got the attention of everyone so quickly, expectations of course now seem very high. It is good news that he wants to achieve with Arsenal, very encouraging knowing he is a very good prospect as we move forward as an an attacking team. I also really hope we do retain Dani Ceballos for the next few years, I hope Guendozi still continues to get opportunities to make a case and prove his importance as I would prefer Ceballos taking the place of Ozil rather than that of Torreira or Guendozi.

More to come, Have a lovely weekend though its without the usual weekend fun we all crave !!!!!

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